About BCI Training

Mark Penberthy & Associates offers official BCI training (certification) and CBCI examination on a monthly basis. We are the BCI’s training partner in Africa, providing BCI accreditation opportunities to BCM Practitioners throughout Africa and the Middle East. We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our credentials

We are licenced Training Partners of the Business Continuity Institute. Our Licence Agreement authorises us to present the Official Business Continuity Institute’s five Day Training Course “BCI Professional Practices”, and facilitate the BCI Examination in the pencil and paper format. Our BCI Training License is worldwide.

We are also authorised to accept both training and examination fees on behalf of the BCI.

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Our clients

We provide training and certification services to Organisations of all sizes in all sectors, State Owned Enterprises and Government Departments whose BCM practitioners wish to qualify for International BCI Accreditation.

 Professional Services

We have provided best practice consultancy services to clients throughout Africa and the Middle East.

 Who we are

  • Globally Licensed Training Partners of the Business Continuity Institute
  • Highly experienced and fully accredited BCM consultants offering the full spectrum of BCM Consulting Services against international best practice.
  • The only BCI training partners in Africa.

 What is our business?

  • We facilitate BCI Global Certification Training and the CBCI Examinations to delegations throughout Africa and the Middle East
  • BCM Consulting Services covering best practice in all BCM disciplines:

Please refer to our Professional Services section.

 What are our services?

Certification Training:


Specialist Training: (N.B. These are licenced BCI courses).

We facilitate one and two day BCI Courses on the following BCM topics:

  • Business Impact Analysis (2 day)
  • Incident and Crisis Management (2 day)
  • Audit BCM Systems (2 day)
  • Exercise Planning (2 day)
  • Writing the BCM Plan (1 day)
  • BCM Supply Chain (1 day)

Professional Services:

Refer to our Consulting Services offering above under the Professional Services link.