The BCI Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Training Course

A 2-Day Business Impact Analysis (BIA) course with accompanying DVD and CD

The greatest hurdle for any Business Continuity Management project is the development of a solid Business Impact Analysis program – without one, the entire BCP effort can be placed in jeopardy.

Success for any BCM project is contingent on gaining a thorough understanding of the organization. This course will take the student through the steps required to develop a complete understanding of the Business Impact Analysis process, and the critical steps required to thoroughly understand the nature and requirements of an organization.

Understanding the business is critical if one is to be able to perform the in-depth analysis required to properly document the critical timelines and continuity requirements necessary to ensure that the BCP team is prepared to adequately address each BCP and DRP phase and will lead to a successful BCP project.

The class is set in a highly interactive environment with a strong mix of both lecture and hands-on experience. The students will work together to simulate a true BCP project and handle a case study that is designed to meet all types of business and organizational challenges. By the end, each attendee will know that they are prepared to contribute to, and even lead, a BIA project with confidence and experience.

Course Length: 2 Days

Course Fee: US$940.00

Please  Note: These BCI specialist courses are ideally suited for in-house training. It is recommended that delegates first pass the CBCI examination before considering this course.