The BCI Crisis and Incident Management Course

This two-day course (run over three days as two half days and one full day) is aimed primarily at those who are tasked with managing an incident, whether at a Strategic or Tactical level or those who have to train or exercise others in these roles. It gives practical experience and theoretical guidance for dealing with the variety of incidents that may be faced by an organisation.

Successful incident management comes from a coordinated set of team responses following a set of prepared and rehearsed plans. At the top of the structure is the top management (often called the Incident Management Team during an incident) who need to deal with the strategic issues – communication, serious welfare issues and the direction of recovery; throughout keeping a close eye on their reputation, regulatory and legal obligations.

This course is not an individual leadership development course, instead we shall be looking at how the top management should take the lead, how they fit into an organisation’s response structure and what tools they require. We will look at how exercising and coaching can improve their response by putting yourselves in their shoes and analyzing your own reactions.

The course covers the following topics:

  • What is an incident – how does it affect an organisation? What are its characteristics and how do they develop?
  • What distinguishes an effective from an ineffective response? How can we develop a structure that gives us the best chance of success?
  • How do individuals react to incidents and how can we prepare them to react better?
  • What are the responsibilities of the top team? How should the media be handled?
  • What resources and facilities do the team require? What does an incident management plan contain?
  • How do you train and exercise the team? How do you make IM exercises effective and involving?
  • What are the quick wins? How are you going to implement what you have learned?

Who Should Attend:

All Business Continuity professionals and members of Incident Management teams and those required exercising or training others in those roles. Professionals currently managing an incident, whether at the Strategic or Tactical level, or professionals who direct the operations associated with crisis management including training and exercise implementation.

All course instructors are MBCI certified.

Course format:

The course uses a mixture of presentations, discussion, activities and an on-going practical exercise that allows participants to experience the issues first hand and to exercise some of the techniques discussed in the course.



Please  Note: These BCI specialist courses are ideally suited for in-house training. It is recommended that delegates first pass the CBCI examination before considering this course.