The BCI Exercise Planning Course

This course will equip the BCM practitioner with the tools needed to plan, develop and deliver a program of exercises and tests designed to validate an organization’s BCM arrangements. The course emphasizes the importance of establishing an overall program to ensure that all critical aspects of the BCM Plans are exercised, and that every person involved in the response and recovery processes has the opportunity to rehearse their role.

The course consists of eight clearly defined modules, each following a structure that is designed to reinforce designated learning points through group discussions and summaries of key principles.

  1. The purpose of exercising
  2. Developing policy; creating a test & exercise program.
  3. How to plan an exercise
  4. How to deliver an exercise
  5. Develop an exercise (practical)
  6. Deliver the exercise (practical)
  7. Debriefing and Reporting

Course review: BCI Good Practice Guidelines; Human Aspects

Who Should Attend:

The course is intended for those BCM practitioners who are tasked with delivering a program of one or more tests and exercises that will validate the organization’s BC plans.

Students should be familiar with BCM program planning and terminology, however, please note that the course will not equip students to immediately lead the delivery of large-scale, multi-partner, live exercises.  But it will establish the basic building blocks of knowledge to enable them to participate as more effective team members, ready and willing to build on the experience gained in this course.

Course Length: 2-Days

Course Fee: US$940.00

Please  Note: These BCI short courses are ideally suited for in-house training. It is recommended that delegates first pass the CBCI examination before considering this course.