The BCI Supply Chain Continuity Management Course

This course aims to give delegates an understanding of risk and ways to mitigate the risk associated with supply chain, offshored and outsourced operations.  All organisations, large and small, are dependent on their suppliers to a greater or lesser extent, which can range from suppliers of raw materials or sub-assemblies, to utilities that provide telecoms, water, gas and power. The course will look at the identifying supply chain risks and ways to mitigate them in order to make your organisation more resilient. It will also look at how the elements of existing business continuity can be integrated with supply chain risk management within an organisation.

The Course Will Benefit:

Those who have an understanding of business continuity and who want to further develop their skills by understanding their key risks. It will also benefit those within purchasing, supply chain, contact management and procurement to better understand and mitigate their supply chain risks.

The Course Covers:

  • Understanding the organisation’s external dependencies
  • Mapping Supply Chain risks
  • Identifying Risks Within the Supply Chain
  • New Purchasing Models
  • Defining Critical Supplies and Suppliers
  • Tools, Techniques and Methodologies for Mitigating Supply Chain Risks
  • Ongoing Management of Supply Chain
  • How Supply Chain fits within the existing Business Continuity in an organisation
  • Case Studies

Course Format

The course uses a mixture of presentations, case studies and discussions to help students understand the concepts taught on the course. All students will get a chance to practice Supply Chain Mapping for one of their suppliers and to identify any risks, and will also develop a critical supplier definition, which they can use within their organisation.

Course Length: 1 Day

Course Fee: US$475.00

Please  Note: These BCI specialist courses are ideally suited for in-house training. It is recommended that delegates first pass the CBCI examination before considering this course.